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Your Vote Determines the Winner of the Veteran Small Business Award
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By Aubrey Shwedick on November 20, 2018


The finalists of this cycle of the Veteran Small Business Award, presented by the StreetShares Foundation and Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream, have been announced! Your vote determines which of these businesses will win a total of $25,000 in small business grant money. Learn more about the finalists under the cut, or click here to vote now! Voting ends at midnight Eastern on 11/24/2018.

 Marc Holley, Atlas Defense

Atlas Defense is a personal protection coaching service started by Marine veteran Marc Holley upon the return from his last Afghanistan deployment. Using the lessons learned overseas, Holley helps people feel safe with a variety of services ranging from employee safety to personal defensive firearms coaching.

John Mahshie, Veterans Healing Farm

Veterans Healing Farm is a nonprofit community farm located in western North Carolina. We serve our nation’s veterans by providing innovative educational experiences, developing a national farm community model, and donating flower bouquets and nutritious produce to veterans at VA Hospitals.

David Morais, Naka Supply

Naka Supply will utilize the insect known commonly as the mealworm in the millions to break down foam waste across the world. Mealworms have the special ability to feed off and digest foam, scientists from China and Stanford have teamed up to discover that 100 mealworms can eat foam at a rate of 35g a day.

Michael McKenzie, 19 Series

An urgent need stands for proper equipment to allow the driver of a left-turning vehicle to see oncoming cars in the “blind spot” at intersections. Oculus is a cased custom curvature mirror optimized for individual customization for intersection blind spots. This technology allows drivers to view oncoming traffic when a blind zone is created. The unprecedented use of algorithmic intelligent design gives drivers enhanced viewing capabilities without distortion in comparison to regular convex mirrors.

Robert Snyder, Robert Snyder Books, LLC

"Empowering children with insightful respect for our veterans, past and present!" That is my mission statement for Robert Snyder Books, LLC. My civilian background is in teaching, as an elementary school teacher and now as a teacher instructor at the university level. My idea to write children’s books about military issues developed while waiting out a sandstorm in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003. I realized that children were going to want to know what soldiers do when deployed. That led me to write the draft of my first book, “What is a Veteran, Anyway?”

Ben Martin, Dauntless Wine Company

Dauntless Wine Cømpany is a veteran owned and operated winery whose mission is to serve the veteran community through charitable contribution. Located in the northern Willamette Valley, our goal is to craft premium Oregon wine while helping veterans transition from the battlefield to the home front. We are committed to service by giving veterans a professional alternative through viticulture and enology - allowing them to decompress from the stressors of post-war life.

Jonathan Norton, Peak Performance Leadership

RopeSafe ™ is a patented, light-weight, easy-to-install, load-bearing rope protection system that creates a protective barrier between an abrasive surface and a load-bearing rope and is easy-to-install, stays in position, imperative to user safety, and increases the lifespan of expensive ropes.

Agnes Scoville, AGGIE MD

AGGIE MD gives parents new tools to treat common childhood illnesses. Fewer things are as unbearable as watching a child suffer. We are here to help your child get better, quicker.

Charlynda Scales, Mutt Sauce

In 1956, Mutt got the idea to make a sauce he could use for every meal. Mutt’s sauce was a multi-purpose specialty sauce, infusing sweet, tangy and a little bit of heat into each spoonful. Mutt never turned his sauce into a company before his death in 2005. Upon his passing, the family wondered what happened to the original recipe. Lo and behold, he had left it to his granddaughter, who was serving in the United States Air Force- just like him.

Joey Mac Dizon, The Mobile Cigar Lounge

Our mission is to create a transportable 1973 Airstream mobile cigar lounge for local festivals, tournaments, and intimate events. We will be offering the finest and highest quality cigars. Our customers would experience a professional, luxurious environment inside our mobile cigar lounge. The Mobile Cigar Lounge would bring the cigar experience to your private event and celebrations.

Shahriar Chowdhury, Assault Forward

Our stylish and sophisticated accessories featuring the reverse American Flag design has the ability to connect with people and give them a way to share their story while dressed professionally and in business settings.

Ty Aloe, Case by Case

Case By Case is the innovative groundbreaking startup that is revolutionizing the mobile accessory industry. Finally, a case that is as adaptable and multi-functional as you are! Our sleek design allows for a multitude of interchangeable attachments that allow you to get the most from your phone.

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