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StreetShares Foundation Dedicates May to Military Spouse Business Owners
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Dedicating May to Military Spouse Business Owners

May 12, 2017 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. On this day, Americans celebrate the backbone of the families who support our military service members during mission, deployment and reintegration.

The StreetShares Foundation is dedicating the full month of May to appreciate Military Spouse business owners through the Veteran Small Business Award. Military Spouses have a unique position as business owners. We’re looking forward to rewarding three exceptional Military Spouse business owners with $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000.

For the month of April, we will be accepting applicants from ONLY Military Spouse business owners. Eligibility requirements are the same, except you must be married to a member of the military, reserves, National Guard, or a veteran of these services and must prove it. To get started, download the ebook exclusively designed to give Military Spouse business owners resources to help them get started and to grow, all in one place. Then, apply with a 300-word summary of your business and a short video.


We understand Military Spouses have unique challenges when it comes to career development, entrepreneurship and business ownership. See the story of one Military Spouse business owner, Fred Irwin and how she’s built a business to help women-owned businesses.

The StreetShares Foundation’s goal is to inspire, educate and support veterans and Military Spouse business owners. As a Military Spouse business owner, it may be difficult to build relationships with business partners or financial partners like banks because of PCS orders to relocate. The Foundation hopes the Veteran Small Business Award will be the support they need to get started or even gain the confidence to grow his/her business.

Military Kids Life Magazine.jpgMilitary Spouse business owner and winner of the December Veteran Small Business Award, Amy Crispino, Co-Owner of Chameleon Kids and Managing Director of Military Kids’ Life magazine, used the $3,000 to move the “Military Kids Report!” program forward.

“Military Kids Report!” is a journalism program created by Chameleon Kids to give military kids real-life experience in the field of journalism. Amy has used the $3,000 to formalize the process for identifying, assigning and mentoring military kids for the “Military Kids Report!” She’s also used it to register the trademark for “Military Kids Report!” and hired a designer to create the logo.

In the most recent issue of Military Kids’ Life, “Military Kids Report!” features Noah, a military kid who had the chance to shadow a journalist at Stars and Stripes at a Pentagon briefing.

Military Spouse Appreciation Month

We’re honored to give Military Spouse business owners like Amy Crispino a jump in her business. If you’re a Military Spouse business owner, click here to learn more about the StreetShares Foundation and start by downloading, “The Ultimate Guide for Military Spouse Business Owners,” to qualify and apply for the award. For the entire month of April, we’re only taking applicants from Military Spouse business owners. Finalists will be announced May 4 and voting will begin then. Winners will be announced May 24. Good luck!

Attention All Military Spouse Business Owners, Apply for the Veteran Small Business Award Now

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