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March 2017 Veteran Small Business Award Finalists
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March 2017 Veteran Small Business Award Finalists

We’ve got another month of amazing veteran business owners to present as finalists for the Veteran Small Business Awards. Here’s a quick overview of the finalists, but as always, please vote for your favorite veteran small business at the StreetShares Foundation voting page. Some of these veteran-owned small businesses have just begun their entrepreneurial ventures and this could be their first veteran business grant or business funding. Help three of them win up to $5,000 this month to go toward their company and to continue to support the veteran and military community.  

Pamela Booker, Army veteran and CEO of Koils by Nature

Koils by Nature is an emerging hair and skin care brand. Products are made of high quality, organic ingredients and free from harsh chemicals and dyes. Pamela’s company has appeared in Essence.com, NaturallyCurly.com and Parent magazine.

Tom Cox, Army veteran and Co-Founder of CANDL, Inc.

CANDL is a secure global hotspot that connects travelers in 150+ countries. With a mission to build products to connect people wherever they are, their secure global hotspot is the first of many connectivity products.

Jamie McNally, Air Force veteran and Owner of Sycamore Counseling & Coaching

Sycamore Counseling & Coaching specializes in helping veterans, first responders, therapists and spiritual leaders. Sycamore serves extreme situations. In one year, five clients who had plans or intentions to commit suicide were provided care that saved their lives.

Charles Miller, Army veteran and CEO of Charles Miller Brand

Charles Miller Brand Demin (CMBD) supports the community of traveling professionals. Fabric is made in North Carolina and denim is manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Currently providing men’s denim with future plans to expand to a women’s line, CMBD can be found online and in boutiques.



Danny Sample, Army veteran and CEO of Siluria Brewing Company

Siluria Brewing Company is the newest brewery in Alabaster, Alabama. The beer garden and tap house will offer artisan craft beer with a local flair using the latest brewing equipment and technologies. Siluria will also be a music venue.

Ethan Merritt, Army veteran and CEO of First Victory Films

First Victory Films specializes in creating unique stories for brands with jaw-dropping video footage. With a focus on veteran small businesses, First Victory strives to help companies see the importance and power of media through video marketing.

Colin Supko, Navy veteran and Founder of Patriot List

Patriot List connects the military community to buy and sell items safely and securely. The mobile app is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Patriot List focuses on the safety of its users by removing anonymity through its validation and verification process.

Brian Wood, Army veteran and Chief Training Officer at Good Shepherd Defense and Training

Good Shepherd Defense and Training specializes in training everyday citizens on how to use firearms. Their mission is to train good shepherds in the community to protect their homes. Good Shepherd Defense and Training employs professionally trained combat veterans.

Vote for Your Favorite Veteran Small Business

Learn more about the finalists above through their videos on the StreetShares Foundation voting page. Just enter your name and email address to vote. Good luck to the finalists!  

Vote for your favorite veteran small business.

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