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Highlighting Our Heroes: Alpha Coffee
| StreetShares Blog

By Thomas Moody on November 13, 2017

Meet Carl and Lori Churchill of Alpha Coffee.

Carl served in the US Army for 21 years, starting as a 17 year-old private and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a Desert Storm combat veteran with multiple deployments to the Middle East, Africa, Central America, the Balkans and Asia.

WATCH: The Story Of Alpha Coffee

On September 11, 2010, Carl and his wife, Lori, decided to combine their passion for high-end coffee with their passion to support the military community. During his career Carl consumed a lot of mediocre coffee, so he and Lori were driven by a mission to offer those deployed the chance to enjoy premium coffee. Alpha Coffee serves as a special reminder for deployed service members that people at home are thinking of them and are thankful for their service.

Carl was prepared for the obstacles involved in growing a small business thanks to the "never-quit" attitude instilled in him by the Army.

“As a small company, operating out of our basement without a long term earnings track record - no bank was willing to lend to us,” said Carl. “We had just landed a large wholesale account and needed to purchase over $10,000 worth of bags for our coffee. StreetShares helped us to fulfill that order and grow that relationship significantly.”

“StreetShares was a life saver for us.” – Carl Churchill, Alpha Coffee

To date, Alpha Coffee has shipped over 10,000 bags of coffee to deployed service members.

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