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Hurt by the Goverment Shutdown? Look to Alternative Business Loans
| StreetShares Blog

With the latest federal government shutdown preparing to enter its fourth week, government employees aren’t the only ones feeling the effects. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is among the federal agencies impacted, delivering a significant blow to the American small business community. It’s projected that the current backlog of business loan applications could take weeks or even months to clear, leaving small business owners who were counting on those funds to grow or maintain their business in limbo.

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Great Logo
| StreetShares Blog

In this digital age of getting bombarded by marketing from all angles, you may not even notice logos anymore. They’re so ingrained into our culture that some brand marks have become part of cultural aesthetic, taking on lives of their own outside of their brand’s marketing materials.

But if you’re not a huge international corporation, you may think your logo isn’t important. Don’t let it be an afterthought! Imagine the market is like a dating app and your business’ logo is your profile picture. For better or for worse, people will judge based on that first impression, regardless of how amazing your business is once you actually read its profile. A great logo will make prospective customers more likely to “swipe right”- which means more conversions and brand loyalty for your business!

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5 Ways to Write the Perfect Email Subject Line
| StreetShares Blog

So you have a database of fans and customers who have happily opted in to receiving email communication from you- congratulations! Winning those leads is only half the battle, though- it’s now up to you to craft emails that contain not only interesting and valuable information for your customer base, but subject lines that will entice them to open those emails up- and hopefully then buy from you or spread the word about your great products!

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