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Brendon DiBella, VP of Development & Strategy

Brendon has more than 15 years of experience selling, marketing, and developing strategic business relationships in advanced medical and financial technologies. With a Bachelor of Science (Economics) from the U.S. Naval Academy, Brendon began his career as a Surface Warfare Officer. After serving aboard two warships in the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, he left the Navy to begin a business career in New York City developing partner relationships for SWIFT, the global provider of secure messaging services. After SWIFT, Brendon obtained his MBA from Harvard Business School and then returned to high tech accomplishing rigorous sales goals for SWIFT, Dell, Guidant, and Boston Scientific. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, particularly on his favorite main street: King Street, Alexandria, VA.

Recent Posts

Government Contracts & Contract Financing Landscape for Veterans
| StreetShares Blog

As the world’s largest customer, the U.S. federal government represents an incredible business opportunity for veteran small business owners. And recent signs point to this opportunity only increasing for 2017 and beyond.

Generally speaking, for everything from defense to healthcare, the government constantly needs all manner of products and services. Veteran small business owners serving this area have always been a natural fit given that veterans once worked for the federal government in defense.

Naturally, this means veterans have acquired valuable contacts, skills, and know-how regarding the needs of this huge customer. Veteran contractors find themselves involved in everything from providing essential cyber security work for the Department of Defense to selling medical devices to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It is crucial that veteran small business owners understand the large-scale opportunity that exists, the resources at their disposal, and then some fundamentals on contract financing options. Regarding the latter, this type of funding option is one they may not have heard before or be familiar with. 

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Mission: Retirement & Your Financial Allies [INFOGRAPHIC]
| StreetShares Blog

Attention all military members and veterans: assess your retirement plan for your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. You served our country. You deserve to able to retire in it. Do not do yourself a disservice.

Like any military mission, planning for “Mission: Retirement” should include a sound strategy and a clear definition as to what success looks like.

Sure, saving as much money as possible seems to make sense. But, how much will you need? And what are some ways to grow your money? What is hand-to-hand combat like on the financial battlefield so you’ll be ready when the time comes?

While no short blog article can cover all that in major details, what follows below is an understanding of “Mission: Retirement” and financial allies that can help any military member or veteran as well any spouses or family members in between.

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