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5 Inspiring TED Talks for Your Veteran-owned Small Business
| StreetShares Blog

By StreetShares on February 9, 2018

Whether you’re a thriving veteran small business owner looking for some inspiration to get you through the day, or a fresh-off-the-press entrepreneur seeking a little sage advice, here are 5 TED talks we believe will inspire you to dream bigger, work harder and never give up:

1. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

“People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it.”

Leadership expert and author Simon Sinek takes a look at what made Apple, Martin Luther King Jr., the Wright Brothers and other great leaders inspire others to take action. Simon presents a simple model for leadership, arguing that the “why” behind your business matters far more to your customers, partners and team than the “what” or “how.”

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2. Renny Gleeson: 404, The Story of a Page Not Found

“Little things done right, matter. Well-designed moments build brands.”

Quick, witty and to the point, marketing expert Renny Gleeson shares useful advice on how small businesses can make the best out of the worst situations—even a faulty page. Renny believes that every error in your business can be a moment to create a marketing opportunity.


3. Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key to Success? Grit

“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals… grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

When Angela Lee Duckworth left a high-profile job in consulting to teach math to seventh graders in a New York public school, she was struck by the fact that IQ alone was not indicative of success for her students. The biggest factor determining student success or failure was the amount of grit they possessed. What’s true of seventh grade math students is certainly true of small business owners: what sets apart successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is not always determined by the expertise they possess, but by their grit—their willingness to learn, adapt and overcome.

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4. Julie Burstein: 4 Lessons in Creativity

"We have to stand in that space between what we see in the world and what we hope for, looking squarely at rejection, at heartbreak, at war, at death."

Radio host Julie Burstein interviews talented, creative people for a living. In this talk, she shares four lessons—based on her interviews—describing how your creativity can grow and thrive when you learn to pay attention to the world around you. Julie believes that the best creative success happens in spite of—or sometimes, as a result of—the challenges, self-doubt and loss of individuals.


5. Seth Godin: The Tribes We Lead

“Leaders lead when they take positions, when they connect with their tribes, and when they help the tribe connect to itself.”

Entrepreneur and marketing blogger Seth Godin argues that in the age of the internet, marketing cannot be about blasting your message far and wide to a mass audience hoping they learn to care—it has to be much more strategic. Seth believes that the way to reach clients and customers in the Age of Information is through reviving a historic human social unit: tribes. Tribes are founded on shared ideas and values that empower ordinary people to make change happen.


Lean on Your Tribe of Veteran Entrepreneuers and Small Business Owners

TED Talks always adds more inspiration to the day in the life of a veteran entrepreneur. But the most accessible place to get inspriation is from your very own tribe of veteran small business owners. They've been on the battlegrounds with and you and understand your mindset to run your veteran-owned small business.

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Laura Walton is a freelance writer and contributor for StreetShares. She is passionate about all things social media and public relations as they relate to the topics of small business and veteran entrepreneurship.

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