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What to Give Your Customers for the Holidays
| StreetShares Blog

By StreetShares on December 15, 2015

Yeah, we know—getting gifts for your customers is probably the last thing on your mind during the holidays. That’s why we’re here. We’ve created a list of the top seven (easy) gifts to give your small business’s customers for the holidays. No hassle. No sweat. Just merry wishes and holiday cheer:

  1. A Gift Basket of Local Products

Since quality gifts can get pricey, talk with other locally-owned small businesses and vendors about sharing the cost and putting together gift baskets with local products. In addition to making a unique gift, a co-branded gift basket gives you the opportunity to expose your brand to a larger audience while reducing your holiday spend.

  1. Your Favorite Book

Who wouldn’t love to read the book that inspired the owner of their favorite store to create his or her business? That’s why we believe a well-considered book is an excellent gift. Sign each copy with a personal inscription for the recipient and send it off with a ribbon and bow. Don’t have a favorite book? Check out our list of the top five books every small business owner should read.

  1. A Donation in Their Honor

Instead of giving your customers more stuff for the holidays, donate to a charity that is close to their heart or to yours. Donations are the kind of gifts that will make your customers stop and take notice amid the flurry of the season. A donation will also make you feel good knowing your business is able to make an impact—however small— in the world.

  1. Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are a cheap and easy way to send a little love. Include them in the orders your small business ships, tie them on store bags, or keep them on hand to give out to customers standing in line.

  1. A Collection of Free Samples

Go the extra mile for your customers by popping a collection of small, free samples of your product into their order. It’s an unexpected treat your customers will love to keep—or to give away to others!

  1. A Holiday Card

Sometimes your small business doesn’t have the bandwidth to buy a gift for all your customers, and that’s okay. You can still give them something meaningful that expresses your heartfelt appreciation: write a handwritten note thanking them for their patronage and loyalty.

  1. Exceptional Service

Don’t forget the very best gift you can give your customers during the holidays is exceptional customer service. Your ability to put your customers’ anxieties at ease despite the chaos of the season will win you loyalty and appreciation. Double check addresses and names to make sure packages are sent where they need to go and are set to arrive on time. Add gift wrapping as a complimentary service. Serve hot chocolate or hot apple cider in your store or office. Go out of your way to make your customers’ experiences the best they can be for the holidays.

Laura Walton is a freelance writer and contributor for StreetShares. She is passionate about all things social media and public relations as they relate to the topics of small business and veteran entrepreneurship. You can find her on Twitter at @lk_dubs. 





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