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The Civic Life of Veterans: A Study By Got Your 6
| StreetShares Blog

By StreetShares on July 15, 2015

Recently, our friends over at Got Your 6 published a study on the civic health index of military veterans called “America’s Greatest Assets: How Military Veterans Are Strengthening Our Communities.” The results of the study debunked pervasive stereotypes of returning military members in our country—that they struggle to adjust to civilian life. On the contrary, the study demonstrates that veterans tend to be more engaged than their civilian counter-parts—veterans volunteer in their communities more, vote more and belong to more community organizations, among other things.

On their website, Got Your 6 states:

“For the past decade, our country has framed ‘veteran reintegration’ as a major societal problem or struggle. On the contrary, Got Your Six believes that it is crucial for Americans to see veteran reintegration as an opportunity, because veterans are uniquely suited to solve some of our nation’s most difficult challenges.”

We believe veterans are capable of not only reshaping our country and solving our nation’s most difficult challenges, but also boosting our economy through the tradition of business ownership.

The study states:

"Veterans are critical assets to the nation, and they are civic leaders in communities across the country. When they exit the military and return home, our country has an enormous opportunity to leverage their skills to strengthen communities."

We couldn’t agree more.

Want to know more about the study? Check out the cool infographic they put together.

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