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A Passion, Not Just a Job: The Story of The Janz Corporation
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By StreetShares on July 9, 2015

A Passion, Not Just a Job: The Story of The Janz Corporation

“Every single day, I get up in the early morning hours and stay up late at night—it’s not a job to me, it’s more like a passion.”image001

The Janz Corporation is a military and government medical equipment supplier that is run by three dedicated and passionate leaders whose experiences led them to build a flourishing veteran-owned small business. StreetShares had a chance to catch up with CEO Rick Finsterbusch and President Brian Healey to hear a little bit about the three key things that motivate them in business ownership:

One: Serving our country by filling a need
Janz 3Rick and Brian had the idea of starting a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, but instead of building it from scratch, they bought The Janz Corporation from their good friend and colleague, John Endres, who still serves at the Senior VP of Operations.

When a soldier is wounded in battle, getting them to a hospital can take too long. Janz specializes in selling medical equipment to the military for first response emergency care, providing new technologies that are small and portable. Their equipment enables almost any operating technology to be transported right onto the battlefield. Janz works with the Department of Defense and VA, and has served government agencies from Health and Human Services  to the FBI.

“We provide a service to the military that focuses on the needs of the people,” Rick said. “We try to find different, unique things that improve upon point of care injuries. Having experienced injury firsthand when I was in the military, there is a special place in my heart for providing the best, most-responsive care and equipment.”

Two: Dedication to growth
janzBrian spent 20 years as a serial entrepreneur before buying Janz, building companies and taking many of them public. He’s experienced the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, as well as the risks you have to take to keep a business afloat. For him, the most important tools for growth are attention to detail and dedication.

“You’re going to have your lulls, but you have to press on and not pause to second-guess yourself. Be confident in your mission.”

Rick and Brian’s current challenge is figuring out how to expand appropriately without distracting from current operations. They see huge opportunities for growth in their market and want to move quickly.

“You can’t sit back and expect things to happen,” Brian said. “Every single day, I get up in the early morning and stay up late at night—it’s not a job to me, it’s more like a passion. We know what we’re doing makes a difference, and it shows in the amount of hours we put into it and the commitment we have.”

Three: Empowering the team
Rick and Brian strongly believe that if you surround yourself with successful people, you’ll be successful. And that’s the type of people they’ve hired—dedicated and successful employees. Rick and Brian work hard to empower their team to make decisions, to question things and encourage a culture of transparency. They also place a strong emphasis on caring for their employees because they not only want their employees to enjoy their jobs, but also to believe in its mission of providing a valuable service to our country.

“We’re building a business to make a living, but it’s different from any other job I’ve had,” Brian said. “Our products save people’s lives. When I get a call from a somebody that was saved by a defibrillator we placed in a federal building or military base, it’s an amazing feeling.”

About The Janz Corporation
The Janz Corporation is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Janz provides medical equipment and supplies to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies and the VA.

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