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5 Inspiring Veteran-Owned Businesses
| StreetShares Blog

By StreetShares on May 8, 2015

One of the most exciting aspects of life here at StreetShares is the ability to hear the stories of inspiring businesses, especially those run by military veterans. Below are five Veteran-owned businesses we are proud to know and support:

1. WazaMedia
WazaWazaMedia’s CEO Andrew Milner and COO Kyle Ramirez met as journalists in the Marine Corps. As great friends and collaborators, they set out to advance the media industry’s storytelling capabilities by creating their own multimedia business. We’ve had the privilege of not only funding the company, but also working with them on several of our video productions, including our most recent video, What is StreetShares? Check out their work!


2. Eastern Foundry
eastern foundyLocated in Washington, D.C., Eastern Foundry is one of our awesome Veteran partners. Eastern Foundry is a Veteran-owned co-working space and accelerator for startups and small businesses interested in government contracting. The team was inspired by their own frustrating attempts to break into the government contracting space—their accelerator is the ecosystem they wished they had. Eastern Foundry provides mentors, professional service providers and business development support teams offering structured and personalized coaching for the businesses housed in their shared space.

3. Poe WovensPoe Poe Wovens CEO and Creative Director Nancy Sunderland is not only a Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur, but a mother of five and a farmer. Her small business creates American-made woven baby wraps. Poe Wovens wraps are manufactured in North Carolina and “lovingly packaged” in Vermont. As a female, veteran-owned small business, Poe Woven’s mission is to produce artisan quality products while supporting the local economy and being an active member of the local community. Every year, Poe Wovens donates 10% of its proceeds to non-profit organizations that help women, mothers, caregivers and veterans.

4. The Bunker
Bunker 2Located in Chicago, The Bunker is another one of our partners who has created a program built by veteran entrepreneurs for veteran entrepreneurs. The Bunker targets existing veteran-owned tech startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to “come, create and conquer” the business world. The Bunker is the nation’s first business incubator for startups and early stage veteran-owned tech companies.

5. MN8 Foxfire

20111102. 3:21:25 PM. . Malinda Hartong, Hartong Digital Media llc. http://HartongDigitalMedia.com. Zachary Green, President, MN8 Productions, Wyoming Ohio © Malinda Hartong, Hartong Digital Media llc.

MN8 Foxfire’s Founder and CEO Zachary Green, a Marine Corps Veteran and firefighter, was inspired to create his business as a result of 9/11. Foxfire creates a product line of innovative photo-luminescent safety products and exit signs to help firefighters by providing dependable visibility in dangerous situations. We had the privilege of meeting Zach in our office a few weeks ago. Businesses like his are the reason we do what we do—to help successful veterans-turned-entrepreneurs create jobs and valuable solutions for their communities.

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