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[video] Why We Chose StreetShares
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By StreetShares on March 31, 2015

At StreetShares, we are constantly amazed at the stories of our borrowers. We love to hear about how they got where they are and what inspires them in their work. Lorenzo Downing of Spartan Business + Technology is no exception. His story has been told previously on The Lamp Post, but we are excited now to share with you his experience as a small business loan borrower on StreetShares. Check out his borrower testimonial video below:

Spartan is committed to providing business management and IT solutions to institutions whose core mission is serving people. To quote Lorenzo:

“Starting Spartan was all about giving people an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have. There are lots of good people out there, but few opportunities. I had already retired from the military, so this wasn’t about needing more money, but rather I had something to offer and enjoyed creating new things. Helping people comes from the heart—in helping someone you can change a life.”


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