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[infographic] Veteran Entrepreneurship: A Long, Proud Tradition
| StreetShares Blog

By StreetShares on December 4, 2014

[infographic] Veteran Entrepreneurship: A Long, Proud Tradition

Written by Mark Rockefeller

Entrepreneurship by U.S. military veterans is a longstanding tradition in America.

Following WWII, millions of American military veterans became business owners. This "greatest generation" sparked an economic boom, and America flourished. Banks were smaller, community-oriented, and supported small business. And business owners had access to veteran small business loans.

Times have changed. 

Today's veteran entrepreneurs face a capital landscape as inhospitable as the Afghan countryside.

I returned from Iraq in 2008, as the financial crisis was just beginning. Today, regulatory burdens on banks, big bank consolidation, and dwindling community banks leave today's would-be veteran small business owners with few funding options.

Must my generation of veterans choose between difficult-to-obtain bank loans and costly online loan sharks?

No. Today's veterans have a secret weapon.

Learn how we can save veterans entrepreneurship together:

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Need a veteran business loan? Check out our veteran page for more information!

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