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Understanding the New SAM.gov Login Process (Step by Step)
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With all of the major changes coming to the System for Award Management (SAM) online login for government contractors, the following has been created to assist in what to do before and after June 29th 2018.

The first time you log in to SAM.gov after June 29, 2018, you’ll be asked to create a login.gov user account (assuming you don’t already have one). Going forward, you will use your login.gov username and password every time you log in to SAM.gov. Your current SAM.gov username and password will no longer work.

Login.gov is a service that offers secure and private online access to government programs, such as federal benefits, services, and applications. With a login.gov account, you can sign into multiple government websites (including SAM.gov) with the same username and password. 

If you already have a login.gov account check the email address associated with it. If your current login.gov account matches the email address associated with your SAM.gov account, you are ready for the new login process. Otherwise, you will need to create a new login.gov account the first time you log in to SAM.gov after June 29, 2018.

What do I need to do PRIOR TO June 29?

To prepare for the addition of login.gov to the SAM.gov login process - and to be able to migrate your SAM.gov roles - you must know and use the email address associated with your current SAM.gov user account.* (see below for instructions)

If you use any other email address to create your account at login.gov other than the one associated with your SAM.gov account, your SAM.gov roles will need to be reassigned. This could cause delays in updating your existing registrations.

What will I need to do AFTER June 29?

Through SAM.gov, create a login.gov account (if you don't already have one). Your old SAM.gov username and password won't work anymore. You'll need to:

  • Create a login.gov account if you don’t have one. You only need to do this once.
  • If you have a login.gov account, check the email address. - If you already have a login.gov account, the associated email address must match the email address associated with your SAM.gov account in order to migrate your roles. If the email addresses don’t match, you’ll need to create a new login.gov account.
  • If you don’t have a login.gov account, enter an email address. Use the same email address you use for SAM.gov. If you don’t currently have a SAM.gov account (are a brand new user, for example), you may use any email address you have access to. 
  • Create a new password.
  • Pick how you want to receive security codes. You need a working phone number (mobile or landline) or an authentication app (installed on your mobile or on your computer). Login.gov will use your phone or your authentication app to send you a one-time security code for authentication.

 How do I sign into SAM.gov after I create my Login.gov account?

Every time you select “Log In” on SAM.gov, you'll go to the login.gov sign-in page. You need to enter your login.gov email address, password, and the one-time security code that you receive.


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