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The Ultimate Business Loan Readiness Tool
| StreetShares Blog

By Thomas Moody II, Head of Marketing on August 21, 2018

Could you use additional funding to expand your business? Are you ready for a business loan? Are you intimidated by the application process or scared you won't get approved? If you've screamed "YES!" in your head to any of these questions, Lendability+ may be the perfect tool for you. Your Lendability Report takes the guesswork out of your loan decision by showing you how you look to lenders and assessing your readiness to take the plunge and apply for that loan. 

What is Lendability+?

Working closely with our team of underwriters, we've developed a scoring system based on your answers to several questions regarding your business and personal finances. Your score, out of 100, indicates the potential of how well your application for a loan may fare with a lender. While just knowing your score is great, the insights into the reasons for the score are the real value. Here's a quick overview of what we're looking for.


This is not an offer of credit. Terms and conditions apply.

Business Stuff

Lets start off with the leading indicator of your lendability, your business. These questions are intended to uncover any fundamental issues that lenders may be looking for. Questions we'll ask:

  • How old is your business?
  • How much does it make each year?
  • Is this your full time gig?
  • What is your monthly business payment?

Lendability+: The Ultimate Business Loan Readiness Tool

Personal Stuff

In many cases the business may be young or on the road to growth, which is when personal finances could play a critical role in determining whether or not you get approved for a loan. Questions we'll ask:

  • Do you have any big financial dings?
  • How would you rate your personal credit?
  • Are you missing any payments?
  • What is your annual income?

Insights Scoring

Once you complete the Lendability+ questionnaire, we'll send you an email with your score and report. Wondering how your score was determined? Here's a key:

Lendability+ Score Key

Getting your Lendability+ score is free and easy, with no commitment required! Take the assessment and get your report today.

This communication is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be an advertisement, a solicitation, or constitute professional advice, including legal, financial,  or tax advice, nor is StreetShares providing advice on any particular situation. 

This is not an offer of credit. All applications are subject to approval, no guarantee of funding.

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