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Rosie the Riveter: A Trailblazer for Modern Women

By StreetShares on May 31, 2018

Everyone is familiar with the image of Rosie the Riveter - a fierce-looking brunette woman, hair back in a red bandana, rolling up a sleeve over her flexed bicep under a text bubble that reads matter-of-factly "We Can Do It!" Coming out of World War II, Rosie's image was synonymous with the women who stepped up to work in factories and mills when their husbands, brothers, and fathers went off to fight for freedom. Rosie's power and inspiration didn't stop when the war was over, though - the effect that this iconic character has had on women, the workforce, and the world is as strong today as it ever was.

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7 Signs it's Time for Your Business to Hire More Staff

By StreetShares on May 29, 2018

Business is great. Client orders for your services keep piling up. As a result, your employees are all working extra hours to beat deadlines. Unfortunately, fatigue is slowly kicking in, and you can see that your workforce results are beginning to head in the wrong direction. Is it time to make that critical decision and add an extra pair of hands? If you hire too early, you might blow your workforce budget. If you don't hire fast enough, work will outpace your capacity and unfinished tasks will become the norm. So, how do you know if your business can afford additional staff? Here are seven signs to keep on your radar.

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You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money: The Impact of Investing in Business Technology

By StreetShares on May 25, 2018

Just like accounting and legal services, technology has become an essential component of all businesses today. But just like those services, the cost can leave small business owners with sticker shock. Adopting tech can also present your business with the added challenge of keeping up and staying current as technology changes, improves, and becomes obsolete. You might be ready to break out your ledger books and adding machine and go at it the old-fashioned way, but as a business owner, you first need to understand the benefits associated with adopting new technology. Here are just a few!

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5 Tips to Help Your Small Business Crush the Competition

By StreetShares on May 23, 2018

It takes vision, a lot of courage, and some practical know-how to make a small business competitive! A new business can struggle with a lot, from budget to brand awareness, but there are simple ways to succeed against larger, more well-established companies. Here are five tips for being more competitive in the marketplace:

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Are Bonds Really a Smart Investment?

By StreetShares on May 18, 2018

Photo courtesy of JHerbstman on WikiMedia Commons

What do you know about bonds? Not James Bond, investment bonds. If you guessed "something having to do with the stock market," you're on the right track but not completely there!

When you invest in stocks, you know that you own a piece of the company’s value. When the demand for that stock increases, the market value goes up. If you sell when the market value is high, you make a profit.

When you invest in bonds, they are much like loans with you acting as the bank. You get a certificate showing that a business, city, or government owes you money to repay you for your investment in their spending on growth, equipment, construction, and other projects. When your bonds mature, you can cash them in for more than you paid for them.

So what does that mean for you? Are bonds a good investment option or will your money work harder somewhere else? Keep reading to find out!

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Is Your Portfolio the Real MVP or a Benchwarmer? Tips to Keep Your Money Healthy in 2018

By StreetShares on May 17, 2018

Everyone wants to strike it rich in the stock market, but not everyone wants to- or even knows how to- put in the work to maintain a healthy portfolio. A financial portfolio is a collection of assets that includes, among other things, stocks, bonds, and property. The portfolio is a positive investment when it meets an expected return on investment (ROI), your risk tolerance, and the asset liquidity. Obviously all investors wants to maximize ROI, but not everyone wants to accept the risk of uncertainty or barriers to converting investments to cash. By taking steps like hiring an investment advisor and spreading your risk, you can give your investments a health injection in 2018. 

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Keeping up with the Cash: Top 5 Personal Finance Influencers to Follow

By StreetShares on May 15, 2018

You know you're supposed to be saving for your retirement years, but whose advice do you follow? A search on Google will turn up so many different kinds of personal financial advice, and some of it is definitely questionable. So, how do you know who to turn to? That depends entirely on your situation- we all need different types of guidance for different stages in our lives. Are you fresh out of the military and venturing into civilian life? Did you just graduate college? Are you recently married or a new parent? Maybe you've had a 20-year career and have grandkids on the way. No matter your situation, these five personal finance influencers are the top names in the game for any stage of life.

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The Demystification of Diversification: How Diversifying Can Work Magic on Your Portfolio

By StreetShares on May 10, 2018

Diversifying your investments - it's a phrase you've heard, and you know you should do it, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, it means that putting all of your financial eggs in one basket is a bad idea. The market is notoriously unpredictable, and diversification will play a vital role in fortifying your interests. You can reduce your investment risk, stabilize your income flow, and have a better shot at long-term financial success by investing in a wide variety of different assets that are in line with your goals and risk tolerance. 

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10 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

By StreetShares on May 9, 2018

Marketing: just the word can strike fear into a business owner's heart. You love your business, that's why you started it- but you also want to spend your time in your business, not on Twitter! However, an effective marketing strategy is the most important tool in a small business owner's toolbox. You could have the best business in the world- but without marketing, who would even know it? It's easy to get overwhelmed, so start small! Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Here are 10 marketing tips you can take action on today to propel your business forward.

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How to Diversify Your Savings with Stocks and Alternative Investments

By StreetShares on May 8, 2018

Many Americans know the importance of investing; however, it is not uncommon to have questions about where and when to invest, how to diversify savings, and what alternative investments to consider when building a portfolio. How much time and knowledge should you, well, invest in your investments? A huge concern many face as they prepare to enter the world of investing is the necessary time commitment, and, of course, trusting that the risks match the potential rewards—not to mention budgeting to diversify savings in order to receive the greatest returns.

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