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Best Podcasts for Veteran Entrepreneurs Part Three: The MILBIZ Show

By StreetShares on August 21, 2015

If you’re anything like us, you love finding exciting new resources that inspire and educate. And if they happen to be produced by a veteran,  all the better! We’re excited to bring you part three of a four week series highlighting our top four podcasts by veteran entrepreneurs for veteran entrepreneurs.

Last week we introduced you to Command Your Business, a podcast focused on military veterans who want to become entrepreneurs. This week we’d like to introduce you to the The MILBIZ Show.

The MILBIZ Show was created by Damien Taafe-McMenamy, an active duty Army Major. While he’s still a soldier, Damien considers himself a “future entrepreneur.” To prepare for his eventual retirement and career change, Damien decided to study men and women who found success after their military life. In an interview in Task and Purpose—a news and culture site for veterans—Damien said:

I figured the best way to learn [about entrepreneurship] was to ask other people about their stories of starting their businesses. I shared those stories with friends of mine who were still in [the military], but I never felt like I could do them justice. So I figured, why not record the conversations?”

Many service members and their spouses struggle to find meaningful work after they leave the military. The MILBIZ Show wants to change that. Damien’s mission is to inspire veterans in the military community with the stories of veteran entrepreneurs who have gone before them.

“I believe that starting a business is something that service members and spouses need to seriously consider as they look at their options,” Damien states on his website.

Since its launch, The MILBIZ Show has interviewed more than 20 veteran entrepreneurs are at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

Check out the MILBIZ Show here.

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