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Best Podcasts for Veteran Entrepreneurs Part Two: Command Your Business

By StreetShares on August 13, 2015

Love a good podcast? Good. We’re excited to bring you part two of a four week series highlighting our top four podcasts by veteran entrepreneurs for veteran entrepreneurs.

Last week we introduced you to PopSmoke, a podcast designed to deliver training and advice for transitioning veterans. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Command Your Business, a podcast focused on military veterans who have or want to become entrepreneurs. The Command Your Business Podcast interviews successful entrepreneurs and senior business leaders who have served in militaries throughout the world. In their interviews, each of these leaders share what they learned from serving in the Armed Forces and how they have applied those skills to their businesses and careers. The podcast is designed to help you use their experiences and knowledge to help you “Take Command” of your business or career.

Command Your Business’ Founder is Scott Fussel, an Army veteran who served as a Tank Platoon Leader, Tank Company Executive Officer, Battalion Maintenance Officer and Assistant Operations Officer during his time in service. After leaving the Army as a Captain, Scott worked at several Global and Fortune 500 companies.

“I find myself using the tools and skills I learned as an Officer on a daily basis,” Scott states on his website. “There are thousands of people who have served in the Military who have gone on to start or lead successful businesses. I think that everyone can learn from their journey even if they never spend a day in the military, and that is the reason for starting this podcast.”

Scott has interviewed more than 80 veteran entrepreneurs and business owners, from ID.me CEO, Blake Hall, to our March Commander’s Call winner, Angela Cody-Rouget, Founder of Major Mom. In addition to the Command Your Business’s podcast series, one of the gems on the Command Your Business website is Scott’s list of resources and tools for veteran entrepreneurs.

Check out the Command Your Business podcast here.

StreetShares CEO, Mark L. Rockefeller, was featured on Command Your Business in February of this year. Listen to his interview here.

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